Mastering the choice delicacies of Nishijin, a region steeped in Kyoto culture.

Nishijin is a region profoundly steeped in the traditional culture of Kyoto. It traces its history back to the Heian era, when the Orite of the Oribe-no-tsukasa gathered in this region.

In 1937, Manshige was established here in Nishijin, where the ancient past still touches the present. We have been these flavors with the special patronage of the Danna-shu of this region ever since.

Here at Manshige, we honor the spirit of the Noren passed down to us by presenting cuisine that suits the personal tastes of each and every guest.

  • Nishijin : This region is the birthplace of Nishijin brocade, a high-quality silk fabric, and is a major center of the weaving industry that produces Nishijin brocade.
  • Oribe–no–tsukasa : The government office in ancient Japan that regulated and produced textiles and dyed goods.
  • Orite : A skilled weaver of silk fabrics.
  • Danna-shu : A group of cultured individuals possessed of leisure and wealth, such as company presidents and shop proprietors. Also refers to one who financially supports a talented individual or a place of business, e.g., a patron.
  • Noren : A cloth hung across a storefront to serve as both an awning and a privacy curtain. Since they are often printed with the name of the shop or the proprietor’s family crest, there is a sense of pride in a Noren that has been passed down for generations.