1. Compliance with Laws and Ordinances

    Kyoto Cuisine Manshige will comply with all laws and ordinances pertaining to the protection of personal information, as well as our own official company regulations, in our handling of all personal information belonging to guests.

  2. Purposes of Use

    Kyoto Cuisine Manshige’s purposes of use for obtaining personal information from our guests are as follows.
    In the case that personal information must be obtained from a guest for a purpose not outlined below, we will explicitly notify that guest of said purpose in advance.

    • To provide cuisine or other related services to our guests.
    • To verify or review our guests’ identities.
    • To notify our guests, via electronic mail, printed mail advertising, or other methods, of cuisine or other products or services handled by our company, as well as any events we may hold.
    • To carry out customer satisfaction campaigns and/or surveys.
    • To compile a record of guest statistics that can be aggregated, analyzed, split by demographic, or otherwise processed in an anonymous format.
  3. Appropriate Acquisition

    Kyoto Cuisine Manshige will not acquire personal information from guests via deception or other inappropriate measures.

  4. Use

    Kyoto Cuisine Manshige will use personal information from guests only within the scope outlined in “2. Purposes of Use”.

  5. Provision to Third Parties

    Kyoto Cuisine Manshige will not provide personal information from guests to any third party, except in the following cases.

    • After obtaining the full prior consent of the guest.
    • When required by law.
    • When necessary to prevent loss of life, limb, or property, in cases where the guest’s full prior consent cannot be obtained.
    • When particularly necessary to promote the public health and/or the health and safety of minors, in cases where the guest’s full prior consent cannot be obtained.
    • When necessary to cooperate with the enforcement of legal matters by a government agency, local public body, or entity commissioned thereby, in cases where obtaining full prior consent from the guest would be likely to cause an impediment to the enforcement of said legal matters.
  6. Disclosure, Corrections, and Deletion

    Kyoto Cuisine Manshige will endeavor to keep all personal information accurate and up to date.
    Moreover, in the case of a request from a guest for disclosure of personal information in our keeping, we will conduct any such disclosure in accordance with accepted legal procedures.
    Therefore, in the unlikely case of mistaken information, we will correct or delete the relevant information as soon as possible.

    • Procedures for Disclosure, Corrections, Suspension of Use, etc.
    • Disclosure Form
    • Correction Form
  7. Security Management

    Kyoto Cuisine Manshige will take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent leaks or damages of, or defamation due to any personal information in our possession.

  8. Employee Training and Supervision

    In the case that personal information must be handled by employees of Kyoto Cuisine Manshige, we will carry out continuous employee training and appropriate supervision to ensure the secure management of personal information.

  9. Supervision of Outsourcing

    In the case that Kyoto Cuisine Manshige should outsource some or all of our handling of personal information, we will carry out necessary and appropriate supervision of the party to which the handling has been outsourced, in order to ensure the secure management of personal information.